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Altered test All Minerals All Organic Elements All Vitamins All Proteins Beta Carotine Calcium Choline Copper Co E Q10 [Ubiquinone] Folic Acid



FF5 Nighshade

FF5 Nightshade



FF17 Arum Lily

FF17 Arum Lily

'Arum Lily '


Green Ivy Flower

EDS.C EDS IMU.C 2021-22

'The Mossop Philosophy Phytobiophysics® EDS Imu 2021-22. This pack of six Flower Formulas has been carefully researched to re-balance the energy meridians that support the normal function of the immune system. Each year the formulas are upgraded in order to specifically encourage the normal function of the immune system to fight against the latest viral trends. '



HP2 Heart Power 2 Spiritual Calm

'HP2 Spiritual Calm'



HP3 Heart Power 3 Breathe Freely

'PhytoHeartPower 3 - Breathe Freely. '


SC1 Olive Love

SC1 Special Care 1 Olive Love

'Olive Love'


Cedar Hope

SC3 Special Care 3 Cedar Hope

'Cedar Hope'


SC6 Walnut Comfort

SC6 Special Care 6 Walnut Comfort

'Walnut Comfort'


Glutamic Acid GABA Inositol Iodine Iron l-Arginine l-Carnitine l-Glutamine l-Glycine l-Histidine l-Isoleucine l-Leucine l-Lysine l-Methionine l-Ornithine l-Phenylalanine l-Proline l-Serine l-Taurine l-Threonine l-Tryptophan l-Tyrosine l-Valine l-Cysteine Magnesium Mineral Calcium Mineral Magnesium Mineral Potassium Mineral Sodium Pantothenic Acid B5 Potassium Rutin Rutin Selenium Vitamin A Vitamin A/D Vitamin B1 Vitamin B12 Vitamin B2 Vitamin B6 Vitamin Biotin B8 Vitamin C Vitamin D Vitamin E Vitamin K Vitamin PABA Vitamine B3

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