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AF1 Peak Vitality


Animal Formula 1 Peak Vitality is used to support animals whenever they have been shocked or badly hurt physically, emotionally or spiritually.


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White Pine


Plants that vibrate on the frequency of white light are extremely important for the healing of spiritual issues. This stunning Norfolk Pine, one of the tallest trees in Australia, has the capacity to support tragedy, shock and accidents.



Heart Centre Point, Cardio-vascular System.
Vibrates on the colour frequencies of the rainbow, silver and gold.
Silver Birch, White Pine and Lotus.
Vitality and energy.
This formula may be used whenever there has been a serious shock such as an accident or the loss of an owner.
The heart meridian
Recovery from: Heartbreak and loss
Accident or operation
Loss of vitality / energy


Powerful spiritual formula vibrating on silver and white.

Cardio vascular system / Heart Centre Point,  Fire

Unconditional love, Governor and Conception Meridians.


•Crashed immune system
•Heart disorders/ loss / grief
•Shock, tragedy, operation, accident


•Vitality /energy / life force
•Recovery from heart conditions / operations


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Emotional Harmony

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