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CH Childhood Harmony

Childhood harmony

A set of 13 formulas each supporting a specific energy during the childrens' vaccination programme.


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Phytobiophysics babies

when babies are born to mothers who have taken the Phytobiophysics formulas throughout pregnancy and have had thier babies born with with Birthing harmony and are then supported with Childhood Harmony. We call these babies 

Phytobiophysics Babies.


CHILDHOOD HARMONY Vital support for every baby and child during times of vulnerability.

Childhood Harmony contains 13 Flower Formuas which have been researched to support babies throughout the vaccination programme.

Each formula contains approximately 30 pillules which are taken by the mother immediately prior to breast feeding. If you are bottle feeding your baby the formulas may be placed in the milk bottle. They do not have to dissolve. Never combine formulas in the same bottle.

In the case of using the formulas to support several children in a family, the pills may be placed into a jug of approximately 1 pint of water. Every child is then given a drink from this solution.

For the treatment of older children, the programme is taken as a thirteen month treatment retrospectively.  In this case the programme should be stated with the last formula,  CH13   PV, which is taken for one month before staring the next formula, CH12 etc., until the formulas are finished.

Follow the programme in accordance with the instructions in the pack.

Childhood Harmony is a supportive programme for children and babies and the flower essences used to make these formulas are gentle, safe and contain no chemicals. They rebalance energy fields and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any medical condition.

  • Safe
  • Gentle
  • Powerful
  • Effective
  • Maximum support during times of vulnerability
  • No chemicals
  • No additives
  • Supports the meridians
  • All babies and children should be offered Childhood Harmony 


Safe, gentle, powerful, effective, providing maximum support during times of vulnerability. Free from chemicals and additives.  Supports the meridians. All babies and children should be offered Childhood Harmony.

There are a few rules-of-thumb that will help when starting your child on the Childhood Harmony programme:

1. Children who have not had the  vaccines can take up to 3 different formulas (1pilule of each daily) in a given month, but we do recommend that this alternative is taken at the time when the peer group (children the same age) are having their vaccines due to a well documented medical condition called ‘shedding’ (when the vaccines create live viral mutations).

2.  Regardless of age, any child who is about to have vaccines administered should be given Childhood Harmony as support. What is currently being vaccinated for becomes the priority. Again they can take up to 3 formulas in a month.  For examople, in the case of the 5-in-1 they take three for the first month of support and then the remaining in the following month. They would then resume supporting  previous vaccines as per point 3.

3. Children who have previously had the vaccines and are undergoing a retrospective programme of Childhood Harmony should take the specific formula for the last given vaccine just one formula (1 pilule daily) for a month before working backwards on to the next formula. This is obviously more time consuming but allows the body to deal individually with any vibrational imbalance that a vaccine may have caused.

A combination of the above points can be used.

A child who was, for example, 3 months old and has been given vitamin K and Pnuemococcus vaccines already but is about to have  the DPT, Hib and Meningitis vaccines, and whose parents have decided against MMR on principle and has previously not had any Childhood Harmony would work through it as follows:

They would start with the DPT formulas in the first month of supporting as this is the priority (as per point 2). They would continue in the second month with CH7 Hib and CH8 Men to finish supporting the current round of vaccines. In month 3 they would retrospectively take the specific formula for the support of last given vaccine not yet given as per point 3. In this case CH13 PV , for 1 month. They would then take for 1 month still as per point three the retrospective antidote for Vit K. The child would now be 7 months old and not due any new vaccines until 11/12 months for the MMR. So as per point 1 they would take these support formulas at that age when the peer group is being vaccinated with MMR. This is obviously just an example and will depend on the vaccine programme of each different country and each childs own requirements.

Please understand that these formulas have no chemical ingredients. They are vibrational flower essences that stabilise and energise meridians and electro magnetic energy fields thus supporting the body's own innate ability to harmonise and balance. 




Information  For

Phytobiophysics® Childhood Harmony

 The Phytobiophysics® Childhood Harmony is a non-medical product formulated from the vibrational essences of plants, and is designed to help and support the immature and also compromised immune system in a non-invasive non-chemical and holistic manner. This principle is similar to that of the Homeopathic system of the use of nosode formulas for inoculation (In the case of homoeopathy this may be offered as an alternative to conventional vaccination)


The Phytobiophysics® Childhood Harmony has not been designed according to conventional wisdom to immunise via stimulation of  the secondary immune system and thus prevent the diseases from being  acquired, rather to boost the bodies resistance and remove predisposition to any disease, and therefore we accept no responsibility if any disease is acquired by a person using this product. It is important to note that one theory about the development of the Immune System requires it to be exposed to normal childhood illnesses in order to develop correctly and this in turn may prevent future episodes of chronic, degenerative and auto-immune diseases that seem to be ever more prevalent in society.

The Phytobiophysics® Childhood Harmony formulas have been vibrationally matched to support and rebalance the bacterial/viral frequencies introduced into the body via vaccination /disease or inherited taint, with the aim of helping the body to eliminate or mitigate the harmful side effects of those taints, by restoring harmony to the meridian/ energetic system of the body.

The Phytobiophysics® Childhood Harmony rather than working against a particular bacteria or virus is designed to help the cells on the vibrational level affected by those taints. It is our profound belief that diseases do not arise without an existing predisposition to that disease and it is the absence of the predisposition to any particular disease that makes us immune to it.

The Phytobiophysics® Childhood Harmony is perfectly safe to use after vaccination and if your choice is not to vaccinate we would advise that you take the Phytobiophysics® Childhood Harmony in order to minimise predisposition to any named disease. Children and adults may also safely use the Childhood Harmony retrospectively for vaccines they have had in their life.

It is the opinion of The Institute of Phytobiophysics® that vaccination may be responsible or related to many health difficulties manifesting over the long term; this is based on our research conducted via EAV testing (Electro Acu Point testing according to Voll) and also the available medical research into vaccination trauma. However, it is not the position of the Institute of Phytobiophysics® to advise anyone not to vaccinate or be vaccinated. This decision, according to U.K law is a matter for personal choice and responsibility. Hence if your child is damaged by vaccines there is limited liability in the case of the pharmaceutical and medical profession and if you choose not to vaccinate the responsibility lies with you alone.                                                                                                               

In view of this important decision, we do advise that you find out as much as you can both from your GP and also websites, books, reference papers such as WDDTY etc from the anti vaccine lobby to give you as balanced a view as possible.

If in doubt you are advised to consult your GP , Natural Health care practitioner and contact us at The Institute of Phytobiophysics®.

Recommended reading and contacts

‘The vaccination Bible’ available from ‘What the Doctors don’t tell you’ Satellite House,2 Salisbury Road, London SW19 4EZ , email   wddty@zoo.co.uk,  phone 0207 354 4592     website www.wddty.co.uk

 Group for vaccine damage “Justice awareness and basic support “   www.jabs.org.uk/

‘The Truth about Vaccines’ By Dr. Richard Halvorsen; avaliable from  www.amazon.co.uk

Dr Mercola http://articles.mercola.com

There many other sources of research and information







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